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Hair Cycling: the Latest Hair Care Trend you won't Want to Miss!

If you're keeping up with the latest beauty trends on social media, you've probably come across the term "Hair Cycling" and might be wondering what it is and whether it's a safe practice for maintaining healthy and damage-free hair.

Hair Cycling is a new protocol that both dermatologists and hairstylists have long been giving thumbs up to for some time and it's now gaining popularity with a catchy name.  Essentially, it involves rotating the hair care products you use to accommodate the changing needs of your hair and achieve healthier results.

Similar to skin, our hair benefits from a routine that includes "resting days" during the week to detox from the use of specific products.  This may include rotating cleansing products, conditioners, and styling tools (including straighteners, blow dryers, etc.) to enhance the overall health of your hair and achieve better outcomes.

The idea is to minimize the use of potentially aggressive products each time you wash your hair, such as clarifying shampoos, during each hair wash to give it a chance to recover. The same principle applies to mask treatments: instead of incorporating them every time you shampoo, which can lead to product buildup, assess your hair's condition after using just shampoo and conditioner for a week or two, depending on your typical washing frequency.

This regimen allows you to tackle multiple hair problems, such as dryness, dandruff, or even sebum overproduction, without weighing down your hair and compromising its natural oil balance.

If you're interested in learning more about hair cycling and how to tailor it to your needs, check out this article: 

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