Hair Loss: When it’s Normal and When it’s not?

Hair Loss: When it’s Normal and When it’s not?

Have you ever experienced brushing your hair and finding multiple strands caught in the brush?

Don’t worry.  It is normal to find a certain number of strands. It's a completely normal, scientifically backed phenomenon.

On average, people lose between 80 and 100 hairs each day making room for fresh ones that will stick around for roughly 2 to 7 years, but truly it will really depend on how thick your hair is.  We should embrace the fact that daily hair loss is perfectly normal and keep in mind that the thicker your hair, the more strands you might lose daily.

Here's an illustration to make it clearer:  If you skip regular brushing and only wash your hair every 5 days, you might notice between 400 and 500 hairs in the shower.  Each strand has its origin in a follicle and undergoes its unique life cycle, growing independently of its neighbors.

If all follicles were synchronized, every hair would grow simultaneously.  Picture this: periods of total baldness and other times of full-on hair growth.

How to Check for Hair Loss at Home 

Traction test

After washing your hair and letting it dry, run your fingers through it.  Gently pull around 50 strands to the top. If approximately 5 hairs come loose, it's within the normal range of hair loss. If more than 5 hairs detach, it could signal a potential issue.

Comb test

While lying on the bed, slide a comb from the upper back of your head to the front scalp, keeping track of the hairs that fall during the process.  If the count goes up to 10 hairs, there’s nothing to worry about.

Remember, if you have concerns about hair loss, it's advisable to consult with a dermatologist.

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