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How do I Fight off Frizzy Hair

Guess which are the two most common questions about frizzy hair? Why does cold and dry winter make my hair frizz? And, why does summer humidity frizz my hair?

We all know dealing with frizzy hair is a year-round struggle. But, what's the real cause?  Frizz happens when your hair is lacking hydration, often due to external climatic forces.

In summer, frizz occurs due to excessive humidity that opens the hair shaft cuticle, disrupting its smoothness. The result is a frizzy chaos that can be attributed to the moisture in the air. On the other end of the spectrum is winter, which draws moisture from your hair due to the cold and dry environment.

Frizz hits every hair type, but some textures get the worst of it. Curly and wavy hair, in particular, tends to experience it more strongly as it requires more care and hydration.

What Can you do to fight off frizz? 

  • Conditioner is your BFF: We recommend the use of conditioner as it is a great ally for hydration.  It locks moisture in. 
  • Mask up, twice a week: You can switch between hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction masks.
  • Heat tools? Shield up: Protect your hair with a heat protectant when using heat tools such as a dryer or a straightener. 
  • Ditch the harsh towels: Gently dry your hair with a microfiber towel or a cotton T-shirt.
  • Oil it up: Include into your routine the use of hair oils or serums from mid-length to ends. Smooth, shiny, and nourished—what else could your hair ask for?
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